Writing for 4redwhiteandyou

In keeping with this site’s mission-by and for conservative (and all) women- I am actively seeking YOUR contributions in any and all areas of interest. My general categories are just that, general, and I am open to your ideas and your work. However, in the interest of demonstrating that we are more than our politics, I myself will not be posting articles here about the state of the country or the world, as miserable and frightening as it is (there are so many amazing people doing that already); although I would LOVE to have profiles of conservative women, including politicians, in our Profiles of Real Women section.

That disclaimer out of the way, if you are interested in submitting work, please contact me here, the facebook page, or email me at elizabethseyes@reagan.com with your ideas, and submit work to elizabethseyes@reagan.com. Your work belongs to you, of course; please publish it wherever you choose! I will NEVER ask for exclusive rights to anything; I just hope that you are inspired by this page to write, and contribute here as well as on your own blog or anywhere else.

Thank you for your feedback, ideas, and submissions! This site is for all of us!


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