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Shoe and Tell Monday

Just when I think I need to start writing something, anything, again, along comes a nice little push from beautiful style blogger Style Nudge. She does a Monday feature on of all things, SHOES! One of my favorite subjects, of course. … Continue reading

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Secret Souvenirs

  What is a secret souvenir? An object that does not identify itself as such; it bears no label, so carries significance for the traveler alone. My University of Glasgow hoodie is an example of a public souvenir.   My … Continue reading

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“Almost” Cut My Hair

Another post about my hair journey? Yes, it seems so. Previous hair posts; from oldest to newest, here, and here, and here! Today I want to relate the story of the last time I did cut my hair a couple weeks … Continue reading

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Are you an A cup? So am I. Need a bra? So did I

Are you an A cup; otherwise proudly known as a member of the IBTC? Do you struggle to find a bra that gives you coverage and support without choking and strangling both your boobs and your wallet? Well you have … Continue reading

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The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes

Do the angels want to wear my red shoes? I think so! I love red shoes; they make me feel smart, sassy, and sexy all at the same time. Quite a feat! Of course I don’t fall for just any red shoes. But when I do… Continue reading

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Spring Fashion 2015-Breaking the Code at Macys

Spring fashions have been in the stores for months now, but the weather’s been distinctly uninspiring, so except for a trip to look at dresses earlier in the year, I’ve avoided the stores and postponed my usual fashion update. I … Continue reading

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Orange you glad spring is here? A walk around Macy’s spring 2014

My latest walk around Macy’s has a special twist-instead of the humdrum mall Macy’s at which I usually shoot, this post comes to you from THE department store building in center city Philadelphia, that is, the old Wanamaker’s building! This … Continue reading

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