Meditating with Headspace

Nine days ago, I started doing daily five minute guided meditation sessions with Headspace, and I find them a great way to launch myself into my day. Although I do believe in the power of spirit and the fact that it is easier to hear that voice when one has control of the chattering monkey that is the brain, meditation has always been difficult for me, impatient as I am. But these sessions are easy, as there are no set expectations. Just breathe, and be mindful.

During the session one is encouraged not to try to block out thoughts as they float by, but just allow them to pass without focusing on them. As you can imagine, I have lots of these thoughts. What’s on for work next week? Did I book that hotel room? Did I place that Amazon order for my mom? How will I get ready for an overnight guest this weekend? Et al.

I’m getting better at just allowing these intrusions to float by without running after them, and that feels like an accomplishment. I’m also getting better at not reacting to every thought with an emotion; this is a skill I need to stay sane in my everyday life.

So why do I feel the need to write this all down somewhere? Because of the difference between those thoughts and the thoughts that come to me later on the session. To clarify-close to the end of the session, the guide directs one to release the focus on the breath and just allow yourself to focus on your thoughts. Now they don’t explain this as the time during which messages from the soul, or spirit, or angels, might be heard, but I assume those messages would be more likely to occur after the period of meditation.

So what is different about my thoughts when I am given free rein to focus on them? All of the mundane falls away, and it seems my angels and my soul jump up and say “Ohhh-can we bring up Cornwall now? Brilliant!” And that always makes me smile, because it means that my traveling is on the right track; is meant to be, if you will.

Thanks for reading. Do you meditate? How has it helped you manage your everyday life? Do your angels come through the door for you too? Does your intuition kick in?

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