Shoe and Tell Monday

Just when I think I need to start writing something, anything, again, along comes a nice little push from beautiful style blogger Style Nudge. She does a Monday feature on of all things, SHOES! One of my favorite subjects, of course.

I don’t have a shot of myself wearing these yet, but going to write about them anyway.

My must-have shoe list has included a pair of real USA made cowboy boots for a long time, and I finally ticked that box just about a month ago on a business trip to Texas.

I always try to combine work travel with fun, and this trip fit that bill nicely, with a pair of boots one of the trip goals.

My pre-trip online research revealed that the best place to buy American- and Mexican-made boots in Texas is Wild Bill’s Western Store in Dallas’ West End, so I planned an afternoon in Dallas to include boot shopping. (I also visited one of my absolute favorite small museums-The Crow Collection-but that’s another story).

I had a blast at Wild Bill’s! The girl selling boots was so fun and helpful and knowledgeable! She never blinked while bringing me 10-12 pairs of boots to try. These Liberty Black boots were an afterthought, really, and a bit over my budget, but as soon as I saw them I had to try them, and once I did? Well the boot fit.

So that’s my shoe story for this Monday (these also qualify as a now not-so-secret Secret Souvenir).

Thanks Style Nudge and her Shoe and Fashion Link Up for inspiring this post.

Monday is now shoe day!

PS. These boots do not appear on either Wild Bill’s or Liberty Black’s websites, so if you’re looking to buy them online, try here.

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