Tonight’s Live Your Legend post-What do people thank me for? 

At work I do get a good bit of thanks and positive feedback; for helping people do what they need to do, for teaching them something, and usually, for speaking the truth as diplomatically as I can without sugar coating.

What do people thank me for in my personal life? The lovely cards I send them in the mail-I learned how to buy the right cards at the feet of a master. 

People thank me for being a friend, even though that may not always be the most comfortable thing for them. And even though I always feel like a loudmouth who talks too much, I think people thank me for listening. I do listen a lot, more than I realize and maybe more than people realize. I do hear thanks for that sometimes but sometimes it goes unacknowledged. Which is ok because, well, I am selfish enough to stop listening if it suits me.

People thank me for doing what I consider just the right thing to do. I don’t always step up and out of my way to do the right thing, but when I am moved to it there is no question, even though I am inherently selfish and like my me time maybe a bit too much. Not apologizing for that though.

People also thank me for sometimes shaking them out of their comfort zones, even if they don’t always say it. Cause people do like their comfort zones. And I don’t always have all filters running. Hah!  

I can’t think of anything else right now.

I know you would thank me for going back and fixing all my grammar and lousy sentences in this post, but please don’t, cause I’m publishing it now.

Thanks for reading.

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