Live your Legend? 

Rubbish? Maybe, but one little part of me thinks it may be a good idea.

Thinking about this idea of living your dream, that is, getting paid for what inspires and excites you most about life, and of course I know that it is rubbish.

It seems to me only the luckiest, or maybe only the most advanced souls, have the privilege of earning money at their dream job, or pursuing their dream. Most of us, myself included, are only lucky enough to figure out how to get paid for something we CAN do. But normally that work is only a tiny piece of who we are; and opening all those other doors and windows reveals so much more! However, the cold hard fact is, well, money! I need it-don’t you? 

So anyway-I’m taking this live-your-legend blog challenge, and will try to come up with something from the writing prompts every day. It has to be better for me than reading the political news. 

You are welcome to join me on this little journey, or not. It’s discouraging writing into empty air, but I should be used to it by now. So putting on my big girl panties and accepting the challenge.

If you are interested, link here.

Thanks for reading. 

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