Summer Beauty Routine-No Makeup


I am spending the summer sans makeup, and it is wonderful!

It all started on my UK trip. I was already using both of these products, but adding Lancome foundation and coverup to my routine. Maybe the fact that I was on vacation made me bold enough to ditch the makeup; once I did it was quite the revelation. No touchups after being out in heavy (or light) rain meant freedom from the Lancome compact.

Although I’m now home and back to work, I’ve kept up this routine and even though I have a twinge of anxiety about standing in front of a class next week without makeup, at this point in my life I’m happy to just let it all be (well not all).

Does this free and easy attitude stem from old age wisdom? Or just an extension of the freedom I experienced when I let my natural hair shine through with DevaCurl? Maybe a bit of both.

My facial beauty routine consists of the products above (along with a pair of tweezers as I don’t want to share my unibrow with the world). The Tarte Double Detox Amazonian Clay Mask is incredible. I swear it has lightened up my age spots, which were the main reason for coverup and foundation. And it helps with the oily spots, too. (Yes I have age spots and pimples at the same time! Mother Nature is a cruel master.) I use this mask at least every other day, leaving it on as long as possible. Then I rinse with cool water and apply Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion. This product has been my go-to for years. It provides just enough moisture without any clammy feeling, is fragrance-free, and sunscreen built in.

So how long will I stay with my no makeup routine? That remains to be seen, although the freedom is incredible! I must admit I still have my mascara and lipstick, but that’s it.

Does your beauty routine change in the summer? Are you thinking about ditching all the makeup and showing your face to the world? Tell me about it!


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