“Almost” Cut My Hair

Another post about my hair journey? Yes, it seems so. Previous hair posts; from oldest to newest, here, and here, and here!

Today I want to relate the story of the last time I did cut my hair a couple weeks ago, my initial regret, and then my out-of-the-blue discovery that brought it all into focus.

First, however, I want to take you back in time for a bit of my hair journey so far. I won’t go into any long winded explanations; I’ll just show you the pictures.


Me on your right at about 10 years old


From our wedding at 25 years old


Skipping forward a bit to 2007





Going gray and chopping 2014



Short and natural 2014


Color 2015


the latest crop


Yes, the latest crop is a bit extreme, even blown out straight, but tucking my hair behind my ears was getting old, so I chopped it all off again! I regretted it almost immediately, as it is REALLY SHORT, but somehow knew it was the right thing to do.

Fast forward to my discovery last night at Barnes and Noble. A book in the wrong place (pay attention to those books you find in the wrong place-that is not a coincidence!) caught my eye-A Curly Girl’s Handbook


I have no idea what kind of curls I have, because I don’t think I have ever used the methods described in the book to just let my hair BE and then really let it be. No heat styling, no laborious process of product mixture and placement-could this be real? Granted, I may not even qualify for this method, as I really don’t think my hair falls into any of the curl categories-


but then, how do I really know? I DON’T!

The upshot of all this? Did I cut just about all of my hair off to make a fresh curly start in the new year? Will people like the fact that I am growing it out but hate that it is natural? Am I excited about the prospect of using the  crazy simple methods in the book?


Although I’m keeping the color-I love my red violet!

Thanks for reading and happy (hair)new year!




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