Are you an A cup? So am I. Need a bra? So did I

Are you an A cup; otherwise proudly known as a member of the IBTC? Do you struggle to find a bra that gives you coverage and support without choking and strangling both your boobs and your wallet?

Well you have come to the right place, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret. After spending many years and countless dollars looking for a decent bra that provides the coverage I do need for my A cups without underwires that I don’t, I finally found a reasonably priced solution. Of course solutions to my bra problem came my way over the years, but none of them stayed on the market long enough to be a dependable alternative to expensive, needlessly fancy models.

My secret? Warner’s Simply Perfect bras! A steal at $16.99 at Target, but available everywhere I’m sure, these bras are comfortable, boast just enough support without the dreaded underwires, and provide full coverage. (Why do bra makers think the IBTC wants to show their nipples? What’s up with that?)

IMG_2958 IMG_2959

Fellow members of the IBTC-go forth and conquer the world in a comfortable well-fitting bra!

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