An easy portable charger for my IPhone-at last!

I’m a bit behind the times; I still have an old IPhone5. I bought it last summer to take on my UK trip, and it has served me well.

Of course if you own an IPhone you know that just about every accoutrement known to man is available for your phone; EXCEPT a portable charger that doesn’t require one to carry around two separate cords. I realized just how handy this could be when my phone ran out of juice on the South West Coast path; after a full day of uploading pictures to Instagram I could hardly blame it, but a compact portable charger would have served me well. Fortunately I had my trusty paper map along, so made it back to my B and B, but…


There’s good news tonight though-I found it! A portable charger that doesn’t require all kinds of cords and connections and easily plugs into the wall and the phone without any cords at all! Yes it has a wall plug and a lightning connector all in one nice neat little package. They say it will work on the IPhone6 as well as the 5, so when I finally get around to upgrading, I am still set with my charger.

Now granted, I will need an adapter to plug it into the wall across the pond, but that’s ok. As long I don’t have to take a bulky cord out and about with me, I’m thrilled.

Here’s the package and the charger itself-purchased at Bed Beth and Beyond, of all places, for a very reasonable $39.99. It doesn’t appear on the website, but if you are so inclined, have a look at your local store when you’re out and about.

Thanks for reading, and happy charging!


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