Test your knowledge of Harry Potter’s world! Try my quiz inspired by the WB Studio Tour!

IMG_3864             IMG_3829

Yes, I’m still a bit obsessed with Harry Potter. My last post here detailed, in words and pictures, my trip last year to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesden, UK-just outside of London. I can’t wait to go back next year with a different perspective; as a veteran I’ll know just what to expect. Maybe I’ll even take a turn on the flying broom. And there’s at least one new permanent exhibit on display-the Hogwart’s Express! Can’t wait!

Until then, however, I present this little quiz inspired by some of my photos of the studio. No, it won’t sort you into a Hogwart’s House, but I hope you have a bit of fun testing your knowledge.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback after you try your hand! Have you passed your N.E.W.Ts, your O.W.L.s, or are you going back to school?


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