The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes

Do the angels want to wear my red shoes? I think so! I love red shoes; they make me feel smart, sassy, and sexy all at the same time. Quite a feat! Of course I don’t fall for just any red shoes. But when I do… A gorgeous pair crept into my peripheral vision today, and I will have them! Hopefully, Sole Society will add them to their sale, but even at full price they are a steal. (Have you tried Sole Society yet? Great shoes, classic or on trend, inexpensive and well made. If you love shoes, you’ll love it!)

Meet Jenn. She comes in other colors and patterns, of course, but I’m in love with the crimson (I’m in love with the word “crimson” too, if you must know).


So where did this penchant for red shoes come from? I really don’t know, but I never thought much about red shoes (and I am/was a shoe fanatic) until I saw this pair by Ivana Trump about three years ago.


They look almost orange in the picture here, but I promise you they are fire engine red. I wore them with a blue dress at the wedding of some dear friends, and a precocious but precious little girl wondered out loud how I could get away with that! Not her words, but you get the idea. Ahhh-the perks of being a grown-up. I said as much and laughed. Who knows what the other grown-ups thought of my red shoes; I didn’t really care though.

After Ivana, I suffered quite a red shoe hiatus; for a while there I wasn’t buying too many shoes of any color. Sad but true. (Although the shoe deprivation funded a big trip to the UK, so I can’t complain.) In fact the right pair of red shoes didn’t come along until early this past spring. I stumbled onto these beauties perusing the Free People site. They were sold out by the time I decided to take the plunge, but I signed up for the back order, and when Free People restocked the Jeffrey Campbell Hunt the Plains bootie in early summer, these gorgeous things arrived at my door.


They aren’t very summery so I haven’t worn them yet; come fall, though, I am ready to rock!

The next pair came right on the heels of the Hunt the Plains. Although a totally different red; a sort of rosy beigy color, they count as red shoes to me.


I don’t remember the brand right now, but they were made in Italy, beautifully constructed, and dirt cheap. I spotted them in the bargain bin at Anthropologie, and when I fished them out and put them on (the only pair!) I knew it was meant to be. I mean, how could I resist the leather pom poms?!

Do you have any red shoes? I can’t be the only shoe fanatic with a thing for feet wrapped in red. Tell me about yours please!

Thanks for reading.

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