Spring Fashion 2015-Breaking the Code at Macys

Spring fashions have been in the stores for months now, but the weather’s been distinctly uninspiring, so except for a trip to look at dresses earlier in the year, I’ve avoided the stores and postponed my usual fashion update. I have purchased some clothes this year, however-I am on a dress kick and satisfied my cravings online; mostly with the Boden catalog. (some of my purchases at the end of this post)

But my new dress wardrobe is not the subject here; no, I want to take you to my Macy’s for a look at the trends this spring. Trends identified? Color, specifically orange, blue, and pink. Polka dots. “Festival” garb, including jumpsuits. Black and white graphics and flowers. Lace. See-through. Short trench coats in bright colors.

I want to start by explaining the title of this piece-what is the code? It took me a while to figure out, but when I noticed the deliberate pairing of orange and blue in every department, a light went on in my head. As you recall, orange was a big trend last year. Maybe they didn’t sell all of it, or maybe they realized that showing it against blue made it fly off the shelves. This year the pairing is all over the store.

Dresses and skirts

IMG_8191 IMG_8193 IMG_8198 IMG_8235


Bathing suits





IMG_8251 IMG_8253 IMG_8258



Of course there was plenty of orange on its own, incorporating some of the other trends, including lace, see-through, and maxis.

IMG_8225 IMG_8220 IMG_8215 IMG_8200 IMG_8192 IMG_8221

More bright colors are also on display, including pink, which is big, and shows up in lace, maxi, see-through and a short trench

IMG_8229 IMG_8228 IMG_8227


Yellow, including some unfortunate items


Lacy dresses in green and yellow


Jumpsuits are all the rage as well

IMG_8232       IMG_8209

Maxis in every color and pattern imaginable

IMG_8216 IMG_8205 IMG_8204

Polka dots (thank goodness for black and white-it never goes out of style-but then unfortunately it seems I could say the same for orange)

IMG_8223 IMG_8213 IMG_8208 IMG_8236

Lace (not included in the colors above)

IMG_8230  IMG_8194

See through

IMG_8231 IMG_8202IMG_8233

Black and white prints-always classic

IMG_8222 IMG_8238

The moto jacket is still around-these in white

IMG_8195 IMG_8230

Some unfortunate prints and mish mash


Another trend-cropped pants! Ugh-especially in denim. Leave the jeans alone


Shoes and bags carried through on some of the themes, including the orange and blue marketing ploy shown above, but also bright colors, also shown above but more here


Neutral shoes are also big, and incorporate some of the other trends, like see-through and lace

IMG_8257 IMG_8256 IMG_8255

Speaking of shoes, I really must mention a personal pet peeve-espadrilles. Love them in theory, but only with a lining to protect my feet from the blistering rope insoles. Is it just me or does that bother you too?


Speaking of me-here are some of the dresses I indulged in this season

From Boden

15WSPR_WH770_NAV_W99 15WSPR_WH760_DGY 15WSPR_BQ042_NAV_W99

From Macy’s-Nine West


Shoes-I am on a suede kick this year-highly recommend Sole Society

tamra_adobe_1 MALLORY_MOODY_BLUE_1909

Mostly done with boots, but these will take me into summer


And a kick ass suit from Ann Taylor for banking work this summer


That’s it for today. What’s tempting you this spring? Please let me know in the comments-let’s talk.

Thanks for reading.

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