In the purple-have I sold out the gray?

A couple years ago I decided to embrace reality and let my hair go gray. Needless to say, my decision met with some interesting reactions, including “it will make you look old”, “you’re so brave”, et al. In fact the negative vibes at my hair salon were so strong, I left after over 20 years! It was probably time for a change anyway.

So I let my hair grow out, and liberated myself from monthly trips to the salon, and the associated cost.


This is the picture that inspired me to lose the 20 pounds mentioned below


After a while, I became tired of my hair and needed a change, plus it seemed time to get rid of all the old color and really step up to my new hair. So I cut it off into a disconnected pixie! More liberation, more interesting and revealing comments. At this point, however, I had also shed 20 pounds and was getting ready to leave on probably the biggest adventure of my life so far, so embracing change in a big way.



I went away, and although my hair suffered severe butchery at the beginning of the trip, no color touched it the entire time, and through the fall and winter.




Maybe my new red Forester inspired me to color my hair, but whatever the reason, it was time for a change again. At one haircut, I had several red violet highlights put in, and at the next, I took the plunge and dyed my hair a red/violet/brown combination. I love it!



Of course as soon as I made the change public, I got all kinds of reactions. Some people who were not happy about my decision to go gray used it as an opportunity to say gotcha. They were right all along-I wouldn’t be happy with my gray hair, and would eventually, sooner rather than later, color it again.

Well they were right, in a way. It is true that my natural hair was a little disappointing. I guess I’m not old enough to have more gray than brown, and the gray came out in blotches, which was a bit disconcerting, but I accomplished what I set out to do, that is-show and live with my natural hair.

I didn’t decide to dye it again because I wanted to cover the gray-I was bored and needed a change, so I did something completely different and went purple. Well reddish purple. The gray really didn’t have anything to do with it.

So the upshot of the story? Yes I will have to go back and cover roots to keep this color, but the goal is not to cover gray. Maybe I’ll keep this color for a while, maybe I won’t, but in the meantime I’m not hiding my gray but celebrating change and banishing boredom in a small way.

No trips abroad for me this year (although the next one is in the planning stages), so this will have to do.

Please yourself, ladies! Don’t wait for anyone else’s approval.


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