The future of books-what do you think?


A short one tonight; this just won’t leave me alone, so I must throw it out into the world for your perusal. In my last post I talked about my new love for murder mysteries, but I didn’t mention that one of the series I’m reading is exclusively paperback, and one is exclusively on Kindle on the IPhone.

I’m sure that Elizabeth George’s books are available on Kindle, of course, but instead of downloading them to the phone or Mac I purchased them at my local bookstore. I would so like to keep them in business so do my part, although I order from Amazon as well. I just like the feel of a book in my hands; hardbacks are best of course, but paperbacks will do, in fact are easier to hold and their pages are just as tactile, printed with ink and bound even in their paperback kind of way.

The Miss Fisher series I’m reading now, however, resides not on ink and paper but exclusively on the Kindle app on my phone. It’s easy to read on the plane and since I started the series during my long weekend in Florida, it just made sense to continue on the phone. I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would when I realized books could come with me on the phone. In fact, I took the entire Jane Austen and Harry Potter catalogs to the UK, and they didn’t take up any room in the suitcase.

So I do admit there is a time and place for electronic reading, but as I sit at home reading off my phone, I do feel a little silly. Should I order all 20 of the Miss Fisher books to read at home? Where do I draw the line? Which books should live exclusively on the machines and which can I hold in my hands? Questions like these make me impatient. I want to own them all in book form, but there’s only so much space in my library (and storage unit). Maybe I buy only the ones I’m sure I’ll read again?

Oh this makes me cross! So I’ll stop and ask you-do you still buy books, or do you read exclusively on a device? If you do both, just how do you decide which ones you will hold in your hands?

If you’ve made it this far, please comment. I am very interested in what you have to say on the subject. Especially if, like me, you grew up in the age of card catalogs in the library.

Thanks and happy reading!

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2 Responses to The future of books-what do you think?

  1. justlife57 says:

    I don’t read anything!

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