A Resolution for 2015-Happy New Year!

Another year coming to a close! The wheels just spin faster and faster as the time goes by-but it was an amazing year for me. A six week trip to the UK, a big chop to my hair, and a sea change in my eating that allowed me to drop some pounds, and keeps me feeling great! Quite a year! It seems like only yesterday I was dreaming and planning and scheming for my big adventure, that trip to the UK. And then just like that! It came, it saw, it conquered, it left. What an incredible trip. Although I didn’t complete all my goals, I learned so much, and those lessons only made me want to dive deeper the next time. Yes, there will be a next time! Several, many. My epiphany in a graveyard forced to me to realize that the way I make a living won’t, and can’t, change right now. So how do I keep myself sane? Traveling! Alone. And for as long as possible.

But the resolve to travel is nothing new; it is not a resolution for this year. It is something I need; something I have neglected for far too long. I’ve worked to pay off years of retail therapy, and now it is time to spread my wings and take to the air, literally. I realized in that cemetery that traveling as much as possible is the only thing that will keep me sane, and keep me in my job.

The one disappointment of the trip, my unfulfilled goal to bring back the personal stories of the people and the situation in the UK, is not that big a deal actually. I am humbled by the breadth and depth of the information I seek, and until I spend more time there, I really have no business telling those stories anyway. My post about my day with the Bournemouth EDL got some attention, and that is fine. Maybe the next time I go, the information gathering will be a little easier; a little more natural. Although I am not a reporter and realize (again in that Oxford cemetery) that I will never be one.

My path is still fuzzy, but it doesn’t include a journalism degree. It leads me to the unknown, however the vehicle is very familiar. The money to keep it all going must come from the work I do right now. The creative side will stay on the side, however I MUST keep the creative juices flowing. I must continue, even if no one is watching or offering me money.

So-ok, what is the resolution? (And don’t worry, if you skipped all of the above, I don’t hold it against you! I get it)

The resolution involves my creative side, and my tendency to slack off when not fervently inspired. In 2015, I resolve to spend two hours every day doing something creative. Taking photographs, working with photographs, or writing; the medium doesn’t matter, but I must curtail the TV time. It is extremely unproductive. What about those uninspiring days, when all I want to do after work is sit in front of the TV and drink wine? Yes I am giving myself an out, but only just. Although technically not a creative activity, reading does stir the creative juices, and can be inspiring. So reading is included in my daily total; it’s the thing that will make keeping this resolution possible.

Oh I could resolve to write a blog post, about something, anything, once a week; in fact this is what I really want to promise myself (the pictures are a no-brainer-no resolution required there), but I realize that is just unrealistic and will doom the whole project to failure.

I do think I am starting out on the right foot, however, as instead of posting this resolution on Facebook, I wrote it here, forcing myself to write more than a couple sentences of laziness. I am also starting the year with my annual entry in the Onward Compe photo contest. I don’t expect to win anything of course, but it is good exercise.

So, when I don my sequiny dress, the one that I can only now pick up in the store, buy, and fit into, and toast the New Year, I pledge to stay creative! How about you?

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!

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