Lancome and Lemon Balm-an update on beauty

I’m one of those people who is always open to change, in fact I relish it, however when it comes to beauty products I do tend to stick to my tried and true, even after those products have outlived their usefulness. Today I want to update two previous posts about must haves in my health and beauty routine.

The first is makeup, or foundation if you will. In this post,  Summer and Winter Makeup, I discuss my makeup preference change during the year-powder style in the summer and liquid in the winter. Well this year I discovered something that rocked my make-up world and sent me out to the store yet again. What could that be, you ask?

I am allergic to liquid makeup! It seems those teary eyes that I always thought resulted from windy conditions in the winter were actually my body’s way of telling me to lay off the liquid make-up. I discovered this quite by accident when experimenting with liquid this past fall. It wasn’t cold or windy, but my eyes teared up almost as soon as I applied the Clinque (usually known for its hypo-allergenic properties, at least it was back in the day) liquid. I did a little experiment with some Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid (the brand I used for my summertime powder foundation), and the results were the same-teary eyes non-stop.

Back to the Ulta I went-I do prefer Sephora but they don’t deign to have a store even remotely close to me-looking for the best of both worlds. An impossible task, I thought. However, I was armed with a review of Lancome Dual Finish. Would the expensive Lancome do the trick?


Bewildered by the dizzying number of shades available, I turned my face over to the expert and let her choose and shade and apply. No tears ensued-not that I was expecting them since the Lancome is powder based. But would it stand up to the test of a winter’s day? I walked out with a beautiful face; the coverage was wonderful, and the makeup felt light as a feather.

The next day I was back to plunk down my $38.50 for the best of both worlds-Lancome Dual Finish makeup. After a whole day my face still felt and looked good, and I never had that greasy feeling of a liquid. The powder went on smoothly and never settled into any wrinkles, an all-around miracle actually! After two months of everyday use, I still recommend it to anyone with my skin quandary, even at $38.50 a pop. Some things are just a good value, and this is one of them.

The second update concerns what started as a cold sore remedy and morphed until phenomenal skin care! Several months back I wrote about a somewhat unorthodox cold sore relief method here,  and although it is very useful to knock out a blooming cold sore quickly, the supply of this product is limited and it’s not too tasty, so I decided to go hunting for a over-the-counter version of my prescription cream. I found it, and try as I might I could sleuth out NO discernible difference between the expensive prescription cream and the Amazon OTC version, so I promptly bought some. Problem solved, right?


Well-yes and no. All that internet research led me to another version of one of the active ingredients in the Enzymatic Therapy cream-lemon balm. Maybe, I thought, the pure lemon balm would work as a daily moisturizer and cold sore preventative?


Granted this version has a number of other ingredients, including echinacea and calendula extracts, but whatever it is I absolutely love it! No cold sores, and my lips felt so good after using it every night I decided to test its healing properties on some pimples on my chin. What a difference! I use it all over my face now every night, with wonderful results.

It just goes to show you, even a makeup stick-in-the-mud like me can learn a thing or two! Or maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks?

Thanks for reading-please comment below with your thoughts or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Lancome and Lemon Balm-an update on beauty

  1. justlife57 says:

    you are daring, lol. I need a nice make but always break out. I like Laura Mercier, but I tend to use Bare essencial.

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