Orange you glad spring is here? A walk around Macy’s spring 2014

My latest walk around Macy’s has a special twist-instead of the humdrum mall Macy’s at which I usually shoot, this post comes to you from THE department store building in center city Philadelphia, that is, the old Wanamaker’s building! This place is incredible, and if you are ever in Philadelphia please have a look, even if you’re not in a buying mood. It is spectacular!

(Please excuse the blurry shots. You get the idea though)

Tile work in the vestibule


View from upstairs in the clothing department down to the main hall. My visit coincided with Macy’s Spring Flower Show. It is not normally quite so colorful.


Organ pipes (yes!) from the second floor


Those shots are just a taste of the architectural gem that is the Wanamakers building; kudos to Macy’s for carrying on the tradition!

On to the clothes-the title of this post is a hint of what’s to come-ORANGE! The color is HUGE this spring, and is everywhere. I am not a big fan, in fact I think only a small number of people can successfully pull it off (and that is even questionable), but as you know there are only so many colors and themes, so eventually they’re all trotted out for our amusement.

Some orange:

IMG_6088-2 IMG_6089-2

Orange and stripes


More orange and stripes!


Orange and animal print


And then there is this unfortunate mannequin in a color block-put a bra on it please!


More unfortunate orange

IMG_6105-2 IMG_6104-2

Luckily another trend used a riot of color to camouflage the orange, or dispense with it altogether in small flower print; also seen above with orange pants.


This trend also appeared on handbags-colorful!


Blue is also in, thank goodness


And the perennial, and wonderful, black and white!

IMG_6106-2 IMG_6102-2

Love this sequined dress!


A couple displays showcasing the architecture

IMG_6099-2 IMG_6086-2

That’s my walk around Macy’s for this spring-hope you can find something to wear. I will stick with trusty black and white. Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Orange you glad spring is here? A walk around Macy’s spring 2014

  1. justlife57 says:

    I like the pictures. I haven’ t been out shopping in ages. I like orange.

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