My No-Poo Experiment

Have you heard about the no-poo trend? It has nothing to do with bathroom habits! “Poo” is short for shampoo, and there are literally hundreds of blogs and youtube videos touting the advantages of throwing away your shampoo and conditioner and going natural. Last fall I stumbled onto one of these blogs and my discovery led to hours of research, which led to my resolve to try this new trend for myself. No-poo proponents point to many advantages of going no-poo, including beautiful hair, saving the planet, and the low cost.

Considering my hair is wild and unmanageable, I am always willing to try something new, and I always love to save money, especially when I am facing a large outlay of cash in the near future eg my UK trip this fall. I also hoped that going no-poo could lighten the health and beauty products load for said trip.

After reading up on all the options, I decided to try a shampoo bar (I couldn’t imagine just rinsing with water as some claim to do!) and diluted apple cider vinegar with some lavender oil for a conditioner. Initially I was very encouraged-

No Poo

No Poo

My hair was less frizzy and seemed to lay down and behave with very little effort on my part. In the beginning I didn’t dilute the vinegar enough so had a hard time getting rid of the smell. Even after I corrected that error, however, I noticed that instead of making my hair softer and shinier, on the contrary, it was brittle, and the comb-through torture! All the experts say it takes at least a month or two to cleanse one’s hair of all the chemicals, so I soldiered on, convinced that perseverance would win the day.

However, I faced a quandary when a salon appointment loomed (you may know I am letting my hair go gray, but I am doing low lights every once in a while to even out the line between my natural dark brown and the lighter shade of “color”). It seemed silly to ask them to use a shampoo bar and vinegar on my hair, especially since it always looks gorgeous and well-behaved when I leave, thanks to my brilliant stylist (who hates my going gray idea BTW, of course). That was the beginning of the end for my no-poo experiment. Six weeks was long enough for me! At the rate my hair fell out there’d be none left to turn gray! So I went back to my normal routine.

14226524_121204123000and Terax-Crema-Original-Moisturizing-16-ounce-Daily-Conditioner-48b7a676-50cd-4a21-b2d7-0b992eb9a08c_320

So what did I learn from my no-poo experiment? First, I took a look at the bottles above and realized that although I’m not saving any money, neither one contains sulfates, the boogeyman of natural hair care. So I’m one up already on the natural folks, while still keeping my hair. I am saving money in one hair care category though, thanks to my experiment-no more anti-frizz serums, straightening balms, etc etc etc! Why is that? During my hair experiment I discovered the wonders of organic coconut oil. In addition to working miracles in recipes and on dry skin, coconut oil is my new best friend after washing and conditioning my hair. I comb it in, braid my wet hair, and when it dries it is silky, frizzless, and smells wonderful. Much better than apple cider vinegar!


I don’t know how it works for a blow-out, because I am about done with blowing out my own hair. Of course I am not adverse to having someone else do it, but I’m saving that for special occasions. It is au naturel for me-time to simplify life as much as possible. So even though I still use my shampoo and conditioner, I can throw away all the apres-shampoo serums and sprays, which is a wonderful thing!

What does my hair look like now, you ask. This is the best picture I have, not so detailed on the hair, but you can see I am without frizz!


Have you tried no-poo? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with it.

Thanks for reading and oh by the way, look what I found while searching for a picture of the coconut oil.Seems that apple cider vinegar won’t go to waste after all.


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3 Responses to My No-Poo Experiment

  1. justlife57 says:

    I use pureology and I LOVE IT.

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