Instagram- an embarassment of riches

Are you on Instagram? I am late to the party, as normal for me and social media, but I signed on last fall and I love it! (My page here.) Not only can I post my pictures instantaneously from the phone (and share with facebook and twitter), every day I treat myself to a riot of amazing photos from the people I follow there. They hail from all over the world, so I see sunsets from Edinburgh in the middle of my day, snowy streets when mine are just rainy, and flowers in a garden (from Australia) on the dreariest winter day!

There is no pressure to think of a witty comment, no thought required, no agitation at the latest political firestorm or Muslim atrocity, just sheer enjoyment with no strings attached. The hashtags make it easy to find pictures of what you love (lighthouses, flowers, dogs, cats, city streets, beaches, sunsets, you name it) and along the way you get a glimpse into other lives. Lately my focus is on pictures from the UK, and every day my Instagram crowd across the pond whets my appetite for the real thing. How amazing is that? I must admit I’m a little jealous of the people who never seem to stop traveling, but their pages show me the world from my own boathouse in south Jersey, and I am so grateful!

Of course I do also enjoy the fact that others see and enjoy my pictures. I share a little of myself with the world, no strings attached, every time I post.

Even if you don’t take a lot of pictures with your phone, or are worried about someone stealing them, or very private on the internet (you can even make a private account if you like), there isn’t anything stopping you from opening an account, finding photos that move and shake you, and enriching yourself every day. Give it a try!

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2 Responses to Instagram- an embarassment of riches

  1. justlife57 says:

    I have never has interest in Instagram….do know why!

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