No more scratchy cashmere! What’s my secret?


I love cashmere! All my favorite warm and comfortable winter clothes are cashmere; sweaters, scarves, you name it. In the past, beautiful, reasonably priced cashmere was everywhere-no not quality or cachet of Scottish made, but very respectably soft and decently put together. Sadly, those days are over. I don’t know whether to blame the Euro, the Chinese, or the US govt’s money-printing for the demise of the decent cashmere sweater, but it is surely gone.

In headier times decent cashmere could be found shopping at Macy’s, Talbot’s, Ann Taylor, or even TJ Maxx; only indulgences like cashmere lounge pants and lounge hoodie required ebay shopping, but these days the “High Street” cashmere is a total loss; the sweaters are expensive and scratchy, cheaply made and an insult to my bare skin!

Of course, TSE (my ebay finds) and gorgeous Scottish cashmere is still available, but nowadays only accessible to the rich. What about the rest of us? I can’t tell you where I first stumbled on Pure Collection; maybe an errant catalogue, maybe a desperate internet search, but at first glance I threw caution to the wind and signed up to receive the catalogue in the mail. I admit I was gunshy about ordering something of unknown quality and fit on the internet from a place in England, but, encouraged by the online reviews and good return policy, I took the plunge during the first sale this year and ordered a sweater and a snood. What a revelation! The cashmere is soft; soft enough to sleep in, the colors gorgeous, and the fit perfect! What about the prices? At full retail they are not inexpensive, but I am always looking for a good VALUE, and Pure has it. Buying on sale is easy, however, if something is popular one may have to wait for them to restock, but the site gives you all the wait times and information.

I received my second sweater the other day and just in time, as all of my old sweaters (all from aforementioned shops) are now in the rag bin.

Are you looking for a reasonably priced gorgeous cashmere piece? Or browsing for beautiful wool or leather? Please take a look at Pure Collection; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Knowing that whenever possible I try to stay away from clothing made in China, you may ask-where are these sweaters manufactured? I have to tell you I don’t know; it seems the UK does not require clothing to be labeled with country of origin, so their clothes may well be manufactured in China. It is difficult for me to figure out how they can offer such beautiful, sumptuous, top quality Mongolian cashmere for such reasonable prices while manufacturing in the UK, but in this case I am not deterred, for the quality is excellent, even if made in China! No worries.

My purple sweater (no that’s not me!)


Gorgeous! Happy shopping!

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2 Responses to No more scratchy cashmere! What’s my secret?

  1. justlife57 says:

    I am gonna take a look.

    • Elizabeth says:

      It’s the best, V! Although much of the sale stuff is sold out, the quality is so good it is worth paying full price. Or sign up for updates. Happy shopping!

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