Fall Trends 2013 Part 2-The Rest of the Story

If you saw my first post on fall trends you know that I came away from Macy’s with so many pictures I decided to write a couple posts. Well this is now the rest of the story. Some trends I identified on the Macy’s trip are: sequins without reason, embellished collars, black and white graphics, bright patterns, grunge, obvious zippers, plus some holdovers from the spring.

Why do I say the sequins are without reason? They seemed to appear everywhere, on everyday clothing as well as fancy dresses, and I don’t know about you, but I wondered about the cleaning bill for an everyday outfit.




Lots of the embellished collars had a touch of bling too, but I could even see myself hand washing these without too much trouble

I LOVE the first one!





As you can probably tell, bright patterns are also in this fall. Two of the embellished collar tops are examples of this trend, as well as the following, with varying degrees of success




Yes I did say varying degrees of success! I needed my sunglasses to look at some of them.

Another trend that I really don’t care for is the obvious zipper. What is up with this?


And how about some fluffy coats? Groan!


They may be part of the grunge style that invaded a lot of space-so sad!



Black and white is always in, and this fall brings some great graphics


Several trends from spring also made appearances this fall, including color block



and if you want to show a different color walking out of a room than the one you showed walking in (?!)


lace-didn’t the first one appear in my spring post? I guess nobody liked it. Oh no; the one in the spring had leopard on it too


These are classy examples though


Thanks for checking in. I’d love to hear what you think of the fall trends. What’s on your list this year?

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One Response to Fall Trends 2013 Part 2-The Rest of the Story

  1. justlife57 says:

    I don’t think these clothes are for my body type, but I do like the army fatigue pants

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