Fall Trends 2013 Part One The Moto Jacket-Triumph or Tragedy?

Fall is here in New Jersey, and it is time to start thinking about the trends for this year. Of course fall clothes and accessories appeared in stores months ago, but as usual I paid no attention until now. Somehow 90 degree temperatures just don’t inspire me to think of fall. But it’s cooling off now, so time for a look.

Yesterday I took a walk through my local Macy’s to check out the trends, and I found many, including moto (motorcycle-are they afraid of the word? or maybe just too many syllables?) jackets, embellished collars, sequins for no reason, grunge and flannel shirts, prints prints and more prints, and of course carryovers from spring; lace, color block, stripes, and the always welcome black and white. Whew! There’s a lot going on, so I decided to break it down into bite-sized chunks, starting with the moto jackets. Oh my goodness!

I have to say that all the “faux leather” aka plastic is so incredibly depressing. Not only are most of the offerings ugly, they LOOK fake! Is that intentional? I call it TRAGIC!!!!



IMG_4691-2 IMG_4636 IMG_4641-2 IMG_4653-2 IMG_4659-2 IMG_4664-2

Oh my goodness-the ugliness is beyond words! Now I understand that real leather is not for everyone. Some people don’t wear leather, and some people can’t afford it. Maybe it’s me, but if I didn’t want to/couldn’t buy a leather motorcycle jacket, I’d opt for something in a different fabric with the moto style-something like one of these-


From Anthropologie


Ellen Tracy


Rachel Roy



These three are available at Macy’s or on the website, and are perfectly acceptable, even beautiful, substitutions for real leather.

More non-leather options from Anthropologie-

29252830_009_b 29232584_069_b

What do I prefer, given the available choices? Since I have no problem wearing leather, and consider a beautiful genuine leather jacket an investment piece, here are some options, all from Macy’s website-




Michael Kors


Ralph Lauren Jeans

I did find this gorgeous suede piece at the store that I would seriously consider-


Macy’s INC brand

And for something completely different? From Anthropologie, a beautiful interpretation of a moto jacket in gorgeous leather


And more traditional looking leather options from Anthropologie-

29504578_024_b 28848554_001_b

That’s it for part one. Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear what you think about the trends this fall.

Stay tuned for more-here’s a little preview of what’s ahead, good bad and ugly.

IMG_4632-2 IMG_4644-2 IMG_4674-2 IMG_4675-2 IMG_4695-2

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