I’m “curvy”-are you “curvy” too?


Are you “curvy”, aka pear-shaped,  like me? Do you have trouble finding pants that fit? Well keep reading because after lots of experimenting, I finally broke the code and found the best pants for our shape.

This is me, in my work clothes, aka monkey suit. I still work in the banking industry, so need professional clothes that fit properly. I usually go pretty monochromatic with pants and jacket, and show my individuality with my tops and shoes (although I do have some patterned jackets, especially for summer). The only work pants I wear now are Ann Taylor Curvys. I’ve tried on everyone’s curvy line, and the only one that doesn’t gap in the waist is Ann Taylor. If you are looking for the perfect pant, try them out! These are some polyester combo, but they also make Curvys in cotton for summer, and a wool blend in winter.

How about jeans? I have you covered there too! For normally priced jeans, try Levi’s Curvy boot cut. They are a little hard to find, especially in the dark wash, but keep your eyes open online and in Kohl’s and you may get lucky. Speaking of Lucky, their curvy jeans are also an option, and if you’re in the high end market, try Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

Some important things I’ve learned about dressing my body:

Focus on the top-if you are like me you probably have a small waist, so flaunt it! Save your patterns and flash for around and above the waist, and focus the eye upward.

Try straight or boot leg cut pants, no pleats, no skinnies, and please, no capri pants or cargo pants! Please!

Speaking of pants-in the interest of drawing attention away from your thighs, be careful about patterns, and whiskering on jeans. That whiskering on the thighs may look good on a 15 year old, but we need dark wash, or if you are going with a light color for summer, a solid color. Save your patterns for the top, or maybe some funky patterned shoes.

V-necks elongate the top of the body; they really make a difference from crew necks and button down collars all the time.

Always accentuate your waist; boxy tops are no good. The waist can be empire, or at your natural waist, but work it, either with a belt, color, nipped in, et al.

Jackets-keep them above the widest part of your hips, like the picture above. If the jacket is longer than that, it cuts across that widest part and makes all of you look wider.

Dresses and skirts-pencil skirts are cute, and supposedly everyone can wear them, but really, I beg to differ. Stick to a-lines; they don’t have to have a dramatic bell, but a bit of a flare on the bottom, with something sexy or an attention getting pattern on top, brings the eye where you want it to be.

Thanks for joining me; if you are “curvy”, and have any more suggestions, please comment below. Thanks again!


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4 Responses to I’m “curvy”-are you “curvy” too?

  1. tdmitchell says:

    I read somewhere that 3/4 length sleeves also help to slim the waist. So, I’ve been rolling up shirt sleeves and buying more 3/4 length tops. I’m seeing that it does look better and draws attention away from my lower half. Great article!

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