A walk around Macy’s: Spring Fashion Trends 2013

I don’t know what the weather is like at your house, but it’s 45 degrees and windy here, and I am SO ready for spring! In keeping with the beauty/fashion/fun stuff theme of this blog, I bring you spring fashion trends. When you read about the trends in the fancy leftist rags, they show you models walking down the red carpet, and the designer fashions those looks inspire. Well  you and I are a couple more rungs down the fashion food chain; yes things trickle down to us, but most magazines aren’t interested in coming off their runway perches.( Don’t get me wrong, I like a little escapism now and then; it’s why I stayed with Vogue for much longer than I really should have. But they pushed me away, so I’m now grounded in reality and away from the English garden profiles and reviews of five star Thai resorts-well most of the time.)

So where did I go to see the spring fashion trends? Macy’s, of course! Granted this is my local Macy’s, small and low-key, so I’m sure they have much more in the New York flagship store, but my local mall will have to do. I didn’t look at shoe trends this trip; just clothes, and it didn’t take long to pick up on the themes-stripes, patterns, bright colors, and lace!


Horizontal striped dresses were big-this trend is not for me. And what is with another trend this spring, the up/down dress length? Are you buying it? The tops are ok though.



Vertical stripes are available too, although this dress looks a bit like a tent. Maybe it’s better on?


Next trend-color blocking. Some examples are kind of cute


and bright


Some are a bit much (I’m not a a big fan of yellow, but it goes along with the bright color trend)


and some are trying to be all things to all people (and this one may actually be worse on the model than it was on the hanger!)


I don’t have anything against patterns, but with my body type I like to keep them on the top. Actually you have to admit that patterned pants look good on only about 10% of us. Really! God bless you if you are one of the 10%!


Pattern and brights


Some timeless dresses in black and white-always classic!


And from the sublime to the ridiculous-what do you think of  this? Looks to me like a refugee from The Little Prince or something-out there!


Last but not least-lace! I do love lace, so I am all over this one, even in bright blue


Another case of trend combination-does this count as two trends (lace and stripes) or three (lace, stripes, and color block)? What do you think? It’s actually not too bad, especially on the model


Even though I could never wear it because it has no waist, among other reasons, I LOVE this flapper style sequined dress. Maybe a nod to the third season of Downton Abbey? Whatever the reason, it made me smile, and no I couldn’t find it on the Macy’s website. Maybe it’s only available at my local Macy’s?



That’s it for today-my take on spring fashion, direct from my local Macy’s. What do you think? What tempts you this year? Thanks for your input!


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3 Responses to A walk around Macy’s: Spring Fashion Trends 2013

  1. Joycelyn says:

    I really like the color-block dresses. Thanks for the article.

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