Splurge and Steal Beauty part 2

Splurge and Steal Beauty looks at shampoo and conditioner tonight. My hair is what they call hard to manage-curly, wavy, thick, frizzy and all that. I love it, but it does require some special care, especially if I need to blow it out straight.

Let’s start with the steal-shampoo. Which shampoo? Well that’s why it’s a steal-it doesn’t matter! I’ve used all kinds, from fancy salon brands, drugstore brands, little bottles in hotel rooms, and NEVER found a difference. So-use the shampoo of your choice


and don’t worry. However, when it comes to conditioner, well I have a favorite, and it is a splurge. But if you have hair like mine, you spend the dough to get the right results, and those results come from Terax Crema Conditioner.


This stuff is amazing! It moisturizes without being sticky or greasy, and makes blow drying a breeze. I can use the same shampoo and styling products and get completely different  results if I don’t have my Terax.

Unfortunately it looks like Terax may be going the way of the dinosaur, so I’m stocking up.

What are your favorite splurge and steal hair products?

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2 Responses to Splurge and Steal Beauty part 2

  1. Joycelyn says:

    Paul Mitchell Styling Foam is my required hair product. Other mousse products just dissolve in my hand and spritz on products don’t work. It also smells like coconut.

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