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First Monday post on one of my favorite subjects-SHOES! Shoe and Tell Monday

New post tonight- My Orlando! Join me at some of my favorite places there!

My first post for the Live Your Legend blog challenge. Is it rubbish? Maybe, but I’m doing it anyway.

My Summer Beauty Routine-No Makeup!

Fiction-My Great Escape

Wherever You Go, There You Are-my month in the UK

New post on Secret Souvenirs I know you have some too

“Almost” Cut My hair. New Year, new hair?

A trip down Philly’s “Hidden River”-the Schuylkill-aboard the Patriot

I found a portable charger for my IPhone that is REALLY portable!

Are you an A cup in need of a good bra at a reasonable price? Come with me!

A Harry Potter themed quiz! How well do you know the wizarding world?

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good-the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden. With pictures and a quiz. Are you a Harry Potter fan? This place is a MUST!

Do Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes? I think so!

Timeless TV From As Time Goes By-Favorites from series five!

What is my coffee secret? Find out here My Morning Coffee

The deliciously murder mysterious world of Phryne Fisher-“Cocaine Blues” 

Spring Fashion 2015-I broke the code at Macy’s today!

Timeless TV with As Time Goes By-favorites from series four, and a big day!

Do you fly solo? I challenge you!

More hair adventures-In the Purple

A bit personal-My Mother’s Clocks

Timeless TV with As Time Goes By-my favorite episodes from series three!

“a dream in time”-not really a dream; more a reflection in the mirror of time

The Future of Books-what do you think?

A change of genre for me in the new year-and I’m loving it! A mystery

Happy New Year! What is my resolution? Find out here.

Another new post, this time about my travels through the UK. More to come! Sleeping Around in the UK Part I 

New post- Changing it Up in 2014-My Confession

More on As Time Goes By-my favorite episodes from series 2- Timeless TV with As Time Goes By-Series Two

New post today about my favorite Britcom-As Time Goes By! Are you a Judi Dench fan? You’ll love this one, I promise! Timeless TV with As Time Goes By-Series One

Beauty update for spring- Lancome and Lemon Balm

Spring is here, and it’s time for a fashion trend update. Orange you glad?

May I present another Downton Abbey post? Moments from series four

Instagram-an embarrassment of riches. Are you there?

Have you tried no-poo? I did, and lived to tell about it. Here’s my story.

Tired of paying top dollar for scratchy, cheaply made cashmere sweaters? Check out my secret!

Are you ready for a safe, natural, FREE remedy for cold sores?

Thoughts from inside the corn maze today.

Fall Trends 2013 Part 2-The Rest of the Story More from Macys

Fall Trends 2013 Part One The Moto Jacket-Triumph or Tragedy? My take on one of the latest trends. More to come soon!

John Singer Sargent, Watercolor Master. No words do this justice.

Situational Awareness-a MUST for women traveling or working abroad!

Top Gear starts tonight on BBC America-Why do I love it? Because my escape is on auto

To gray or not to gray; that is the hairy question. I’d love to read your thoughts!

New post in Beauty- Summer and Winter Makeup. More to come later!

My first movie review-Skyfall!

Running down your dreams-from me to you!

Am I obsessed with Downton Abbey? Well maybe, but it is a welcome diversion from all the bad news these days. New Downton post- Downton redux-season four and beyond. Will Downton lose its heart and soul?

New post tonight! A Little Slice of my Philly. Please join me on a walk around the Rittenhouse Square area.

New post! I’m “curvy”-are you “curvy”too?

A Walk Around Macy’s Spring Fashion 2013 Join me as I peruse some trends at my local Macy’s.

Splurge and Steal Beauty part 2 tonight-shampoo and conditioner.

Spring is in the air today-time for a yummy summer white wine with our chicken tonight! Here’s my favorite.

Questions about submitting work to 4redwhiteandyou? Click here.

Another new post this morning: My Atlantic City! Thanks for joining me.

New post this evening-Downton Abbey-Facets of a Diamond. I hope you enjoy it. Are you a fan of the show? I myself am eagerly awaiting the fourth series in January.

New post this morning-Splurge and Steal Beauty! Have a look at some stellar beauty products.

I am so proud to present our first post, this one in the Healthy Living category-Tina Boutall’s “A Cheap and Green Spring Clean“! Please check it out. Tina’s blog From Corporate to Country chronicles her journey. Have a look!

Our goal is provide a friendly place for conservative women and all women to share everything that interests and excites them, including fashion, the arts, design, cooking, health, urban and rural life, in short, let their girl flags fly! Thanks for joining us.


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  1. Tabitha says:

    So glad to find you… this looks like a great place to be… I love your writing

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